Why Vertidrain?

Vertidraining (or aeration) involves perforating the soil with small holes to allow air, water and nutrients to penetrate the grass roots. Helping the roots grow deeply to produce a stronger, more vigorous lawn. The main reason for vertidraining is to alleviate soil compaction. 

Vertidraining is very useful for a range of sites. We work on all sport pitches, golf courses, fields and country estates. 

We travel within a 100mile radius

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When ground gets compacted the roots find it hard to grow. Vertidraining loosens the ground so that the roots can get vital nutrients and water to restart growth.

25 Years Experience in Ground Care Management

Highly qualified professional for your needs

Fast, Flexible and Reliable 24 hour service

Comprehensive and Competitive rates

Heavy Duty 2.6m Machine, ensuring effectiveness for all your needs

Grass supplying and grounds maintenance go hand in hand. If you requite turf or seeds during your vertidrain contract, please do not hesitate to let us know. We can supply all your grass needs and vertidraining under one roof. Fast, efficient and top quality service. 

Customer Satisfaction

                                                      Brokenhurst Golf Course

'Great service, highly efficient and professional'

Duncan and his team are very experienced and used to working on golf courses, which was the driving point to change my Verti-drain contractor. I was very pleased with the care and attention Duncan took whilst verti-draining the 18 fairways at Brokenhurst Golf Course. His team worked throughout the night which was a great advantage. Reducing the disturbance to my members for vital maintenance is always a concern of mine, and VertidrainUK was able to carry out their contract with no disturbance to my members at all. 

The tines are new every time we used VertidrainUK, and they were continuously checked throughout the contract. We discussed sensitive areas on the course and mapped out irrigation heads. The advantage of using VertidrainUK is their machines are controlled in the tractor, which was much more efficient than my previous contractor, who manually changed the height of the tines. 

As previously stated, Duncan being an ex Head Greenkeeper he knew exactly the standard I was looking for. The work was exceptionally tidy and didn't affect the presentation of the course or play in anyway. I won't hesitate to call on Duncan again in the future , a thoroughly professional company who put the customers’ needs as top priority whilst in a hard-working and positive manner

Kevan Glass

Course Manager

Brokenhurst Golf Course


                                                  Milford On Sea Parish Council 

For a number of years Milford Football Club had been playing matches on overlapping pitches due to the limited space at its recreation ground and several old hard-core tennis courts that were buried beneath part of its surface. The club approached the Parish Council, who own the land, to see if this could be addressed. The Parish Council agreed that funds available should be spent on this project.

As Parish Clerk I have a duty to provide the best use of public money when it comes to projects such as this and as such had to obtain three different quotes.

​I approached Duncan Fox from VertidrainUK to provide a quote and to give advice on the clearing of the site which included the removal of a large tree and the digging up of the old tennis courts, levelling the ground, re-seeding and the relocation of a water supply. Not only was Duncan’s quote the most competitive, the advice and knowledge he gave on all stages of the project put the Parish Councils mind at ease when choosing the contractor to work with.

Duncan also worked very well with representatives of the football and cricket clubs, both of which had an input as to whom the contract should be awarded.

Being an open space used by many children as well as some adults, Duncan was very conscious about the safety element of the project. Secure fencing was provided and all representatives were given his mobile number in case of emergencies, unauthorised personnel were not permitted on site without high viz jackets and appropriate footwear.

Work started on time and continued at a great pace, the football and cricket clubs as well as the Parish Council were kept informed of progress and consulted at different stages. I must say that we are all very pleased with the final outcome of this project.

In addition to this, the Parish Council agreed to undertake some further improvements to the playing surface of the Recreation Ground and it was without hesitation that I asked Duncan to undertake this work. Duncan is undertaking Verti-Draining twice a year and this has already produced benefits in that no football matches have been cancelled this season. Duncan is also going to undertake ground work to the worn goal areas and fertilise the pitches to produce a better playing surface at the Recreation Ground.

We are very happy with what Duncan and his team have done for us and would not hesitate to recommend him to undertake further work in the future.”

Graham Wells

Parish Clerk

Meet The Team

Duncan Fox

Duncan has over 25 years experience within the Golf Course and Green Keeping  industry. That is why VertidrainUK is the go-to company for your aeration needs, as we know our team is highly experienced. and professional. Duncan knows his machine s in and out and takes pride in every job he does. 

Vicky Fox

Vicky is the Contracts Manager for New Forest Turf and VertidrainUK. With over 20 years experience in Sales and Public Relations, she can assist you with your enquires.

Nick Fox

Nick has over 20 years experience with green keeping and has used an aeration machine for this duration of time. No better person to be handling the heavy duty machine!

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VertidrainUK has been part funded by The European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development